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10 Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Lack of space is not a reason anymore for not having a garden. Anyone with a sunny windowsill, patio or balcony can have a garden or can cultivate edibles. Get up and start working on these amazing gardening ideas as you can be the proud owner of the cute little garden by your windowsill.

Window Boxes

These window boxes, just two feet long and wide are decent enough to hold your favorite flowers or you can grow all sorts of herbs.

Window Boxes 10 Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Cluster Garden

Less growth space can be the reason to early death of the plants. Well, your first choice should be sturdy containers that can be left out all year round. By keeping the plants upright and well aerated you help minimize the disease while maximizing yield. Large plants would need staking and bamboo can be easy option. You will increase space available space and will allow an under planting of small plants such as radish or herbs.

Cluster Garden 10 Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Small Expandable Garden

You can squeeze every possible inch of useable space in your apartment. Stacked raised beds can help you a lot. These raised by The Urban Garden is available in various configurations and ensures that all the plants are getting enough sunlight and required nutrition.  (image- Urban Garden)

Small and Expandable Garden 10 Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Wall Garden

Even if you have postage size yard, this design can work out well for you. You can grow row of veggie which are placed horizontally in between fence posts. Or you can decorate your wall by planting some flowers in the post for a stunning vertical garden effect. (image- lushe)

Wall Garden 10 Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Pocket Planter Bags

Breathable recycled wool planter bags can be your choice for creating lush green wall. They keep your wall dry and can work with any wall surface. (image – woolly pocket)

small gardens woolly pockets 10 Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Wall Box Garden

Adding colorful boxes to the wall can work as garden and space decoration. Boxes come in various sizes, colors and designs. It is better to choose plants which grow slowly and don’t grow out of the space.  (image- ghare expert)

Wall Box Garden 10 Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Chandelier Garden

Chandelier garden is elegant and yet innovative way of using old chandelier as a garden. You can hang it indoors or outdoors as it suits you.

chandeleir Garden 10 Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Gardening with Jars 

You don’t have to be rocket scientist to apply this gardening technique. Jars or soda bottles can be used for growing plants. You can hang them at the entrance; keep by the windowsill or fire escape. Different herbs and flowers can be grown at same time. (image – squidoo)

Jar Gardening 10 Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Sky Planter

Superb design created by Patrick Morris. His design provides solution to small space plants and is eye catching. A pot made of ceramics is designed to lock the plant and the soil into place and hang from ceiling or wall mount. It is equipped with a reservoir hidden for watering the plants.

sky planter 10 Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Plants in Tumbler

Well, not traditional but one of its kind you can have your favorite flowers planted into a tumbler. I won’t call it a garden but yes, they can be the easiest option around to have a piece of nature around you. Best place would be kitchen shelf or dining table.  (image – surfandshine)

Glass Garden 10 Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Few designs can be created at home and others are easily available in market.

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