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Aren’t those five more minutes of sleep in the morning are the most precious thing in the world? But of course, the consequences are usually very sad.  Alarm clock sound sometime tops my most annoying thing list and usually we all find a very smart idea to turn it off. Some innovative people have put quite a thought to make creative alarm clock for heavy sleepers.  I bet these alarm clocks will make sure that you don’t fall into the lure of sweet dreams!

Smash Alarm Clock

It will allow you to do exactly what you want to do with alarm clock in the morning. Smash it on top to make it stop.

Smash Alarm Clock Cool Alarm Clock Ideas

Shape Up Alarm Clock

This dumbbell-style alarm clock will buzz until you have done 30 reps, Just the right way to start off your day!

Shape Up Alarm Clock Cool Alarm Clock Ideas

Mr. Bump Alarm Clock

Mr Bump Alarm clock  will shoulder the blow for you, just grab him and throw him at a wall to make him stop, perfect!

mr bump off the wall alarm clock 590x505 Cool Alarm Clock Ideas

Sfera Alarm Clock

When the alarm goes off, the clock lowers to hover just above your head and it begins to glow. To active the “sleep” button, you hit it and it retracts a bit toward the ceiling. This continues to happen until it retracts so high that when it goes off, you must stand up to reach it.

Sfera Alarm Clock 590x457 Cool Alarm Clock Ideas

Coffee Time Alarm Clock

Start your day with the fragrance and taste of coffee, you can choose the flavor and the strength too.

coffee time alarm clock 590x276 Cool Alarm Clock Ideas

Clocky Alarm Clock

This unusual alarm clock jumps from the night stand and runs away beeping you to get up.

Clocky Alarm Clock Cool Alarm Clock Ideas

Chirping Alarm Clock

Stop waking up your roommate! Chirp is an alarm clock with a vibrating pillowcase clip to wake you up without disturbing anyone else in the room.

Chirp Alarm Clock 590x345 Cool Alarm Clock Ideas

Carpet Alarm Clock

There is only one way to stop this alarm from beeping, Get Up!

Carpet Alarm Clock Cool Alarm Clock Ideas


Here is another creative way to wake up and save money at same time. This colorful alarm clock stops beeping when put a coin in it.


Banclock 590x319 Cool Alarm Clock Ideas

Police Alarm Clock

Easy to use  clock  set and alarm functions, this police alarm clock will wake you up with blue spinning light and siren.

Alarm Clocks Police 590x416 Cool Alarm Clock Ideas

Lets Live Impressive!!

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