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Bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house and will require less time designing and updating it, but to get a designer and stylish bathroom appeal you have to think out- of-the-box. Fresh paint, new accessories and a detailed finish can make even smallest spaces stylish. These stylish bathroom ideas will inspire you to create your special room today! Pics Courtesy

 The Marble Effect

Material and finish always come first in any design, and glamours marble can be one of the most preferred options. A glamorous Cipollino marble was used on the floor, work surfaces and splashback of this bathroom, along with art-deco style cabinets.

Designer Bathroom 9 Stylish Bathroom Ideas

The Industrial Style

This vintage industrial style is not so easy to get but this one makes a different style statement. Stainless steel shower fixtures, industrial style tiles and hardwood floors can go on bit higher side on the budget.

Designer Bathroom 8 Stylish Bathroom Ideas

The Silver Effect

Give the bathroom an open space feel, allowing the ‘Usk’ bath and ‘Double Lowther’ basin,  from Drummonds  take center stage. Contrast of paneled walls and marble mosaic floor compliment the room.

Designer Bathroom 7 Stylish Bathroom Ideas

Bohemian Style

A mix of industrial -style design and vintage, this bohemian style attic bathroom is perfect. What makes this attic bathroom complete- natural light. Don’t compromise on that!

Designer Bathroom 6 Stylish Bathroom Ideas


Even the simplest accessories can change the look of the bathroom, this nautical theme simple linen curtains stand out amidst this calm theme. Nickel and white chrome light fittings make it a complete.

Designer Bathroom 5 Stylish Bathroom Ideas

Black & White Theme

Strong accents can sharpen a muted theme, black fittings make a bold statement in this all white bathroom.

Designer Bathroom 4 Stylish Bathroom Ideas

The Collections

Display your collectible in the bathroom, create a special nook in the bathroom for those collections to hang in.

Designer Bathroom 3 Stylish Bathroom Ideas

Under the Sea

This one fits right into the stylish bathroom ideas, this ‘Seaweed Lace’ in the bathroom gives fresh and bright look to the room. White background makes it more spacious and shell inspired decor is definitely a charm.

Designer Bathroom 2 590x393 Stylish Bathroom Ideas

Wallpaper Walls

There is something charming about wallpapers, combine them with painted groove boards and marble for a complete look. Add mirror doors to save space and create hidden storage.

Designer Bathroom 1 Stylish Bathroom Ideas

The Gallery

Glass shelves filled with delicate glassware in blue color brings luminous touch to the room and decorative groove box brings character and gives an artistic touch to the space.

Designer Bathroom 590x393 Stylish Bathroom Ideas

Lets Live Impressive!!

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