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Creative Table Tops

These cool table tops are perfect invitation to your den! Tables are a functional aspect of decor, from a coffee table to bedside table every table needs an interesting table top and a personal touch. From a bold origami inspired piece to a sleek glass top with typography base these creative table ideas will liven up your living space and give your morning coffee a chic resting place

Bottle Caps

Recycle bottle caps to create a creative table tops, multi- color base is perfect for spring flower display. This corner table makes a bold and colorful statement in a neutral color room. What’s not to love about this colorful tabletop. Prime and spray paint bottle caps. Then affix them on the surface using cement.

Creative Table Top 1 Creative Table Tops

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Creative Table Top 2 590x508 Creative Table Tops

Storage & Creative

This sleek iron base storage table is perfect for minimalist living.  It may look small and simple at first but this delightful piece of furniture by Gridy goes above and beyond the regular duties of a couch-side surface.

 Creative Table Tops

I- Phone

This quirky piece of furniture is perfect for the fun-loving tech nerd.In addition to looking geektastic, the table features built-in, removable coasters in the shape of the assorted iPhone program icons. Pic Courtesy

 Creative Table Tops

Crate Table Top

This up-cycled Legion Pallet table is all you will get in the table, old wooden pallets and transformed them into the eco-friendly table. A unique counter with a rough, vintage aesthetic that is sure to please any guest.

 Creative Table Tops

Chalkboard Table Top

Inspired by chic decor and creative use of chalkboard paint, a soft and pastel tone of pink looks great when combined with the black top. A great & simple idea. Pic Courtesy

Creative Table Top 7 590x392 Creative Table Tops

Lego Table Top

Making the complicated things simple, this lego table consists of 22,742 pieces clicked together with traditional lego construction techniques. Pic Courtesy

Creative Table Top 590x393 Creative Table Tops

No Table Top

A clear glass surface allow people to read the awesome carved base. Pic Courtesy

 Creative Table Tops

Lets Live Impressive!!

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