Caring About The Outdoor Fountains

The outdoor water fountain ideas have been successfully used all across the world since a long time.

These fountains add immense beauty to the surroundings and create an ambiance that is impressive. This is the reason these types of fountains are also used at the venues of important events.

However, in order to ensure that the fountains installed outdoors keep working optimally, it is important to follow a few maintenance tips.

Maintenance tips for the outdoor fountains

The fountains that are installed outdoors have to face the wrath of nature in the form of humidity and the extreme temperatures along with the exposure to sunlight, dryness etc. There are various other elements that affect the life of the outdoor fountains and thus it must be inspected for wear and tear and other problems on regular basis to make sure it is performing optimally.

Like any other fountain the pump of the outdoor fountains must be kept in perfect working order. It is important to inspect the pump for obstructions or buildup to ensure that it is not working at a reduced capacity. Even after cleaning if the pump does not work properly then it is vital to switch it off and remove the same for repairing.

Often the wind carries debris, leaves, twigs and other related items to the fountain which then find their way to the fountain pump valve. This causes clogging, which can easily be avoided by rubbing the fountain with clean cloth and making use of the toothbrush to reach the difficult areas. To clean the hose lines they should be flushed regularly.

To get rid of the algae which forms colonies and can prove to be difficult to remove from the fountain, one can make use of bleach and water mixture to scrub away the grown algae. The diluted bleach contains enzymes that curb the flourishing of these organisms. Also this is a safe mixture to use as it does not harm pets and other animals.

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One of the most frequent visitors of the outdoor fountains are the birds. However this also results in dealing with the bird droppings. In that case you may need a woodpecker removal. Preferably to clean the fountain soaps should not be used. Instead a damp sponge should do the trick. However, the outdoor fountain water might need a change if it looks murky.
Another reason for buildup in the outdoor fountain is the mineral deposit. The residue left behind due to the minerals present in water is crusty and not only mars the appearance of the fountain but also interferes with its functionality. While they might look difficult to remove, scrubbing these deposits with vinegar can prove to be very effective in getting rid of them.