7 of the World’s Best Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes

It’s getting more and more difficult to get a foot on the property ladder. With house prices rising at an astronomical rate in London, New York, Sydney and in other metropolitan areas across the globe, many new homebuyers are left unsatisfied with the size and condition of the properties their money can buy them. But tiny homes can be some of the best homes, and with a little imagination, your money could be put to much better use. Here we have a runthrough of seven of the world’s best tiny homes. They may not look like your typical home, but they’re cosy, unique, and better yet – affordable!Tiny Homes

  1. The Flat Bed Trailer

    This beautiful timber home measures in at just 196 square feet and comes complete with a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and porch. This tiny house is built on top of a 24 x 8 feet flat bed trailer using recycled and reclaimed materials. This build cost less than USD$12,000 and the most expensive element was the composting toilet at USD$2,000!

  2. The Hut

    This petite hut comes in at 124 square feet and was dreamed up by a Colorado couple, Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller. The vision was Smith’s, and the couple documented their build with the film TINY: A Story About Living Small. The house proved to be petite, whimsical and practical as they were able to drive the completed build to the densely populated New York in recent years so that Mueller could carry out her dream – and they saved a fortune on rent!

  3. The Van

    Van living is becoming quite the phenomenon, and the tiny homes on wheels are popular with backpackers across Europe, Australia and America. Life in a van can be comfortable, practical and pretty – just take a look at the gorgeous example we have here! Complete with a kitchen, bed, pop-out roof and storage space, you’ll be amazed at how spacious a van can be! There’s thousands of examples of beautiful van homes all over the internet that prove this isn’t a one-off!

  4. The Eco Cube

    This 100 square foot home finds the space for a full-sized bed, a working shower and toilet as well as a kitchen, washing machine and dryer! Designed by Mike Page, this tiny home is completely environmentally friendly. Page set out to prove that we can live comfortable lives without harming the environment – and we think he proved that! This tiny house can actually make you money as well; the solar energy the panels generate can earn GBP1,600 a year on the UK’s tariff.

  5. OTIS

    OTIS, short for Optimal Travelling Independent Space, was createdby a renewable energy and ecological design class who sought to create a home that could give back to our environment. It is just 70 square metres, solar-powered and made from entirely recycled materials. It also collects and recycled rain water. More to the point, it’s gorgeous, with smooth lines, an impressive wooden exterior and beautiful mosaic glass door – who wouldn’t be proud of this home?

  6. The Tricycle

    Beijing’s People’s Architecture Office and People’s Industrial Design Office are behind this fantastic tiny home. Made from a water-resistant plastic, this amazing creation can be folded up and wheeled around on the back of a tricycle. It is powered by pedalling, has space for a bed, a table and even a bathroom with running water – you just refold the furniture how you need it!

  7. The Shipping Container

    Shipping containers are incredibly versatile and can be used for many fun upcycling projects, but tiny homes is by far one of the most practical and creative ways to reuse them. Strong, sturdy, insulated and incredibly affordable, shipping containers are simple to make into liveable homes. A Shipping Container Home Construction is a perfect option for one bedroom flats because of their size and shape!

Image Credits: Tiny Homes from Ariel Celeste Photography/Shutterstock