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Loving your friends selflessly

Sustaining friendships for most is a balance between giving and taking. It is however not a clean transaction at all time; when someone needs emotional support when sorting child support help or they’ve lost their job, they will do the leaning on. In such a case, the friend with “lesser” issues will have to put… Continue Reading

Do Small Businesses Need Insurance?

You cannot think of starting a business without thinking of the risks you might face, can you? A wiring problem could cause a fire that destroys all your possessions, an employee could get hurt, and a client might sue you for a breach of contract, just to mention a few things you might have to… Continue Reading

How Are Home Insurance Rates Determined?

Home insurance is an expensive as it is confusing, and without a clear definition and explanation of terms, you will easily end up paying more than you should for a product you could have gotten from another insurer cheaply. To save you expensive, annoying, and embarrassing mistakes, this article will outline everything you need to… Continue Reading

Roofing preparations for the coming winter

Even with the “winter is coming” jokes all around, thankfully we have fallen to still work on our roofing. If science class taught us anything was that extreme temperatures could potentially weaken various materials. Your roof is one of them. Before getting from one extreme summer temperature to the other in winter, here’s what can… Continue Reading

How to get your home winter ready

It is never too early on in the year to start preparing your house for the cold months, and here we provide a few tips on how to do just that. It would also be helpful to keep in mind as the months wind down, creating a checklist or budget where applicable. Service the fireplace/… Continue Reading