Designer Beds with Awesome Functionality

What I miss the most during my time away from home is my bed room, especially my bed. Buying a perfect bed like this luxury style hospital bed which suits your need is really a great idea. Less space usually restricts our idea to go for big and Gothic era beds. These designer beds have the looks, fit in the budget and have the functionality. If you are looking for a good mattress to match your bed, check this online catalog at

If you are health conscious and want to feel close to nature all the time while staying connected to gadgets, this bed will be your ideal pick.  True green bed has LED reading lights above your head, speakers for music and attached flower boxes for lovely vines to grow up. Special LED lights help plants grow indoors, without natural light.  You can exercise around the bed with straps and pulleys and energy released during activities is stored into battery and used when needed.  Designer- Arthur Xin

Floating Bed

The Innovative frame created by Joel Hesselgren won the first prize at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2007.  Unique feature of this bed is that it grows with you, as per your requirement you can add mattress. While it gives a look of floating from the ground but is actually supported by two opposing white corners that also work as end tables. This simply fits into fancy and functionality categories.

Book Case Bed

If you are looking for a perfect design for tight interiors then you need a bookcase that transforms into a bed. A carefully cutout mattress that transforms into a bed. It stands in upright position forming the bulk of the bookcases which lowered down form a nice comfortable bed. Credit for this innovative concept goes to Karen Babel who designed two colored theme for a cool modern effect. It is superb surprise and show off element to anyone walking in your room.

Foldable Cardboard Bed

You want to go easy on your budget and look for clean space in your apartment, this foldable cardboard bed fits right in your expectation. Foam mattress with waterproof mattress cover toping the bed will offer you the required back support.

Book Bed

If you are into books, this design will make you enjoy your time in bed as well. Beds like this one will let you be playful like a kid. It is designed as a book and pillows are used as bookmarks. Created by Japanese artist Yusuke Suzuki, this bed offers ample space and being part of the book story.

Sofa Beds

If you think of sofa beds as straight and only concentrating on the functionality then the new concept called the Morfeo will change your outlook.  It is an ultimate combination of functional and playful color themes (available in different colors). This design is highly appreciated as it gives superb integration to you interiors. Lights attached to the bed give you an excellent reason to enjoy reading before sleep. Designer- Stefano and Rodrigo Torres

Bed Up

Designed by Decadrages and marketed under the brand name BedUP is blessing for people who live in small spaces. By day, the bed is attached to ceiling and becomes possibility of integrating lighting. At night the bed can come down at the height pre decided. Besides being functional, a contour adjustable bed has a clean and elegant design.

Cinema Bed

You want home theatre attached to your bed, no problem. Designed by Ruf-Betten’s– RUF Cinema Bed is your apt solution. This retro bed offers complete fold-out screen and projector home theatre system where you can enjoy movies in your favorite night dress. Woofers, gaming console and conduits for all the cables won’t get you tangled in wires. Use of this system is simple touch a button option. Its an ultimate design for those who enjoy media entertainment in comforts of bed.

Glass Bed

I would like to call this a futuristic option but the sleek and stylish designed can’t be ignored. You can be assured that accidentally dropping your iMac on it won’t cause a hairline crack. Only thing which concerned was the panels made of corning glass and won’t suggest for bedroom with kids.

Lets Live Impressive!!