Designer Head Showers

A relaxing shower can change the course of your day. Update your shower with a stainless steel drain grate that provides better drainage in a sleek design like the ones at steel grate drain Home Improvement accessories. Anybody who has a flair for bathroom decor a modular head shower will be the first choice for him/her. When it’s time for a new shower installation, these designer head showers not only add on to the beauty of the washroom but also fit right into the budget. Keep bathroom theme and your comfort in mind while purchasing.  Its time for a shower remodeling and change those boring head showers.

Ishi Shower by Lockie von Moger

This sleek design is my personal favorite, design has a pause button which gives you accessibility to lather-up and rinse at your own pace. Best part is you don’t waste water while taking a bath and design offers you space to keep soap/shower gel handy.

Aquavolo Shower Great combination of waterfall and rain shower. Design courtesy: Bossini Pipe Shower Influenced by industrial design this sleek pipe shower is suitable for indoor and outdoor showering. When Installing a new shower at home, consider some help from BFMD, LLC video sewer line inspections. Eco- Drop Shower It looks like a normal shower but the base circle rises if you stay longer in the shower. “Eco- Drop” Shower will help you save water and energy.   Drops Lighted Shower How would you feel if the beam of light highlights the drops falling on you? It gives a feeling of the bathing in moon light. This amazing Drops Lighted Shower from Cisal is must have. Vado Shower Head Best part about this design is that you can twist, turn and twirl the shower heads in any required position.   Viteo- Outdoor Inverted Shower Designed by Danny Venlet, this garden hose powered inverted shower is best suited for rinsing off after a dip in the pool on a summer day. Toauh Water Saver Shower Shower system can be fitted into any shower and the water collected during the shower can be used in toilet or other house keeping activities.   Pocket Shower This amazing shower design has made my travel far easier and comfortable as far as showering is concerned. easy to carry and helps warming the water as well. Click here if you want to buy one. Lets Live Impressive!!