Creative Storage for Small Spaces

Creating storage space in small apartments can be a task. These exciting options not only make enough space for storage but also makes small spaces look good.


Alphabet Storage Piece

Exciting design with playful streak will make any living room happening. Best part you can use it to keep books, toys and different shapes of alphabet let you hold things of different shapes.You can even place your music system or LED on the top shelf.

Storage cum Sitting Arrangement

You can use old magazines to create a coffee table or can connect four bars to place your crockery. Simple yet innovative.

Staircase Storage

Dead space under stairs can be used effectively for creating a open/closed storage space. You can add little excitement by adding flower pots or your favorite collection of books or DVD’s.

Closet Storage

If you don’t have a traditional closet space you can make one by adding boxes to an empty rack. Covering it with an attractive cover can change the look of your room.

Bed Storage

Your bed can be the best option to store your old clothes, books and things which you are not using regularly. Also, you have an option to create racks which are easy to maintain.

Basket Storage

Baskets are the best option if you are looking for open storage. Be it bottom of the bed or under your coffee table, baskets always add an edge to your existing furniture. You can try different colors and material to match up with your furniture.

Hanging Rack

Hanging rack are an excellent option to store your daily required things. This option can be used for dual purposes of storage and window shades. Innovative and sleek design, best part it can be used in home office, kitchen or kids room.

Few things are hard to let go but you can always reuse them to make it useful by adding  little innovation and creativity.