5 must have Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets are blessing. Other than saving time & money now we have options which let us try new recipes at any given point of time. These gadgets are not only mark on technology but have sleek designs which goes perfectly with any kitchen.

Cooik Smart Cooker

My personal favorite, an excellent design by Rita Ferrao, this compact modern mini type cooik smart cooker accommodates in small spaces and fits according to your eating habits. You can wash, peel and cook in it. Also the it comes Wi-fi enabled touchscreen interface that let you download any recipe  and can guide through the process. Something every amateur cook needs. You can also check out this great web site about the best cookers to buy for more options.

Steak House Grill

You can shop ledge grills for the most authentic grill experience right in your kitchen. If you are health¬†conscious this design is right choice for you as the grill cooks in the vertical position, so that the excessive juices drain right into the special tray. Healthier, Tastier and Smoke free grill. Then also try shopping online for grass fed beef for a healthier, tastier steak. If you’re looking for a new grill or bbq equipment, why not try these out.

Design courtesy- Ariete.

Chefstack Pancake Maker

Well I am not going to argue that any machine can make better pancakes than human hands, but this wonderful oven sized pancake maker would be closest next choice. Costs around $3500, this pancake maker is hit in small businesses and wouldn’t hurt to have one at home. If you prefer waffles for breakfast, check out these mini waffle makers.

Dubbed Dish 5

A conceptual design by Russian designer Alexey Bykov, based on the Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) technology, the Dish5 not only simplifies control processextensively, but also minimize the cooking time and simplifies process of interaction with user.

Espresso Maker

This handheld Espresso Maker is must have in any kitchen. Cute little device can change your morning coffee experience.

These gadgets are no doubt making our life easy and saves time and energy.