Creative Bird Inspired Products

Birds are inspiration for many of us. These creative pieces are inspired from sweet little creatures and does justice to the spirit of the same. Cute, trendy and functional designs.

Tea Strainer

Designed by Alan Chan, this beautiful Tea Strainer tweets melodically while removing and placing back. Tea pot and strainer are both beautifully designed in bird shape.

Salt and Peeper

Cute two in one shaker, turn right for salt and turn left for pepper. Best part it changes eyes color indicating salt (white) or pepper (black). Buy here.

Bird Hooks

Functional and coolest hooks, they can hold keys, hats, scarves. You can use them in kitchen, doorway or washroom. Beak Hook – Buy here. Three Liittle Bird Hooks- Buy here.

Wrenz Speakers

Do not go on the size, this little birdie is powerful speaker. Small sized, mirror finish with high power  sound output. Buy here.

Birdy Chair

I haven’t seen a bird fixed at one place ever, designer has put quite a thought to this bird shaped wooden & leather chair. Buy here.

Bird Plates

Sleek ceramic plates with different birds printed on the base. Buy here.

Bird Napkin Holder

Who knew using birds as ring napkin holder would be so fun. Available in various colors. Buy here.

Bird Lights

Cute lamps would be a fun addition to your home décor. Creation of Belarus design studio  Fajno these cute bird lights are called “Marina’s Bird”. Buy here.


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