Must have Kitchen Tools

15 cool and useful kitchen tools, creative addition to the kitchen and help you save time by speeding up preparation time. Do not forget to visit to buy your knives make by chefs but with an affordable price.

Vegetable Chopper

Sharp 18/10 stainless- steel blades, snap-on lid which creates safe storage for chopper blades and precisely chops any type of fruit, vegetable, herbs or nuts. Safe for dishwasher. From German company Rosle. Link


Ten extremely sharp parallel serrated blades create neat, even slices. It works well with even the softest tomatoes and creamy whole-milk cheese and ergonomic handles are comfortable to hold. Link

Spill Stopper

Over boiling while cooking is no more problem, 400°F  heat resistant lid will change the way cooks boil. Link

Onion Holder

You will be able to create straight, even slices with this tool. Link

Oil Dispenser

Easy to pour and comes with a measurer. Link

Milk Clip

Easy way to keep your milk from expiring. Easy to attach and slide. Link

Meat Tenderizer

Made from aluminium alloy and comfortable knuckle duster style grip. Link

One of the best investments a meat lover can make is to have a meat grinder as a kitchen tool. If you’re a hunter and want to process your own game meat, see the Best Meat Grinder For Wild Game here.

If you like you can also have a meat processing equipment added to your kitchen tools.

Lettuce Chopper

Swift chop and whip up a fresh salad is seconds with Lettuce chopper. Dishwasher safe. Link

Koku Cutting Board

All in one cutting board, it combines cutting board, measuring cups, and cheese grater. Link

Herbs Mincer

Four sharp stainless- steel blades, easy way to chop and mince leafy herbs. Nonslip grip protects fingers. Link

Flour Mill Machinery

These machinery break down flour into smaller pieces and separate them. Check this if you want to get quality flour mill.

Finger Guard

Made of stainless steel, high-quality guard that protects fingers while slicing and dicing. Link

Corn Zipper

Quickly strips kernels from ears of corn. Safe and saves time. Link

Bottle Holder

Made out of Rodita Pine with Walnut as the center wood, self balancing wine bottle holder.  Link

Avocado Cuber

Easy to use and makes even sized avocado cubes. Link

Zip and Dry Apron

Made with two different types of fabrics attached to each other with a zipper. Link Practical and easy to use. If you want a more fashionable option, a denim apron with pockets may be perfect for you.

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