10 Creative Bookshelves

Books may be loosing the popularity to the waive of smartphones, e-readers and smartphones, but the charm of old school paperbacks and hardcover printed books will surely win you over. If you want to add more books to your bookshelf, visit this site https://www.bookofthemonth.com/all-books to see a complete list of those book of the month. Plus these cool and creative bookshelf ideas will give you an additional reason to show off your first -editions and collections of books.

Ying- Yang

Symbol of perfection and balance between good and bad characters, this black and white bookshelf is perfect for both male and female living room. Link

Table Library

This masculine metal coffee table conceals a unique hanging book shelf. Link

Under- Stair Bookshelf

Creative way to use the empty space under stairs, adds on to the beauty of the living room. Link

Skateboard Bookshelf

Wonderful DIY project using the old worn skateboards.

Seat Bookshelf

If you are always looking for optimum storage space, this seat combined with book storage is perfect for you. Link

Rope Bookshelf

Based on the classic rope bridge this bookshelf is fun balancing act. Link

Room Divider- Bookshelf

Custom bookshelf which serve the purpose of room divider as well. Link

Pipe Bookshelf

If you are into rustic look- living room, this intricate piping bookshelf is an interesting addition to the room. Link

Hanging Leather Book Case

Constructed of leather straps hung across supports. This creative bookshelf will let you measure your effort by physically weighing the balance of read-unread books. Link

Crate Bookshelf

Grab a few unfinished wooden crates and set to work. Click here to get the instructions.

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