Creative Vases

What if you can make those curved vases sold at home decor stores at home?  You will be amazed how you can make these beautiful pieces at home with things available at home or at very low cost.  Fun to make and cute addition to home decor.

DIY flower vases offer you many ways to display flowers in your home creatively. Link

Curved vases are not so ordinarily available but follow the tutorial and you can make this  modern macroni vase at home. Link

Creative way to use pop- sickle  sticks and look delightful. Link

Simplest way to arrange flowers on a windowsill. Link

Innovative way to reuse old natural-fiber place mat around a cylindrical vase. Link

Super easy and inexpensive fun vases to use for any wedding or party arrangement. Link

Touch of sparkle or frill  to mason jars can make beautiful centerpieces for any special dining occasions. Link

Sculptural pieces look dramatic and never go out of style. Link

Genius piece of hourglass shaped-savvy plastic can be turned into pretty vases. Link

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  1. A thoughtful opinion and ideas I will use on my blog. Youve obviously spent some time on this. Well done!

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