Dining Room Ideas

Add little spunk to your dining area with these creative dining room ideas!

Wood and white are timeless combination, add some color accessories to lift up the neutral.

Brightly colored furniture with plain white cutlery gives a warm tone to the dining area.

Give your dining room a retro look with a wooden painted table, pastel painted  iron chairs and eye catching clock trio. Play with the dining room furniture styles to achieve a personalized touch.  

Retro red chairs and a classic floral table makes this plain kitchen a warm and cosy place to dine.

Pallets of  gold and brown, metal top dine table, sleek wooden chairs and vintage chandelier adds on to the sophistication of the room.

If you are not into a formal dining, this modern furniture and eclectic pieces should  fit right into your interiors.

Compact space, this clever design fits neatly into the corner and the chairs sit flush against it. 

Vibrant, floral and tropical prints are perfect for your garden dining room, mix vintage with contemporary to  give a complete and comfortable feel. 

Courtesy: www.housetohome.co.uk

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