Cute Headbands (DIY)

Nothing looks cuter than a headband! Not only it looks cute  but also changes your over all look. With these creative  DIY headbands you will make a new style statement for sure! Follow the links to  get tutorials!

Braided headbands are easy to make and you can use ribbons, laces or old t-shirt. Link


Ear warmer and headbands, simplified solution to look trendy and feel cozy in winters. Link


Use old dress material, buttons and laces to make these beautiful headbands. Link



Double sided fabric headband is fun way to use different patterns, mix n match various shades to get a peppy look. Link

You can make this sophisticated leather headband at home. Link 

This nautical headband looks complicated but its easy to make. Link

Pleated headband for your little princess. Link

Not so common but this ruffled headband will go nicely with your sundress. Link


Go back to Fifties with this trendy scarf headband. Link

Lets Live Impressive!