10 Creative Mirror Frame Ideas – DIY

Refashion the mirror into original and creative display piece. Mirrors and photos are usually on display somewhere in the home; upgrade your plain mirrors with the unmistakable appearance of beautiful and elegant frames. These refreshing DIY ideas will give a new look and feel to your mirror and to your room.

Felt Roses Frame

 I found this beautiful rose frame here. All you need is little inspiration and follow the instructions from the link. This project won’t take much time and result is beautiful. For more info go to the vendor.

Flower Frame

Flowers represent freshness and spring, this beautiful flower frame can be made within an hour from used spoons. Give your plain mirror a spring makeover. Get instructions here.

 Jeweled Frame

Turn a secondhand mirror into a personal art object by decorating it with miscellaneous jewelry and other items. If you want to keep a balance of colors and jewels then you can paint the frame and can use the jewels around the corners only. This project will take sometime, so be patient! Click here to get step by step instructions.

Jute Wrapped Mirror

Eye catching  and not so expensive  way to frame the mirror. If you are looking for an eco – friendly gift idea, you have got one right here! click here for instructions.

Bit of Nature

What better way would be to decorate your mirror than the natural way. These twigs and wood pieces give  fresh and unique look to the mirror and the surroundings. Click on the links to get to instructions.


Mirrors on the Mirror

This cute DIY craft project will give you a beautiful mirror frame, all you got to do is to use your glue gun like the ones from Glue Guns Direct and glue small mirrors on the frame and you have turned a plain boring mirror into an cute teenage mirror. Link

Sea Shell Frame

You can use this frame to decorate mirror or to hang photographs in it. Stick shells to the cardboard base with hot glue, use different shaped shells to give it a full look, it takes little time to shells to stick to the base and will require time. You can introduce this cute idea to kids for summer vacations. 

Lets Live Impressive!!