Valentines Day Craft Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and its wonderful time to gift to your loved ones. Hearts, Chocolates and Teddies are the first things which come to our mind thinking about Valentine’s Day, but this could be a wonderful opportunity to indulge in crafts and make something special for your special one. Interesting ideas to make this Valentine’s Day special. These translucent hanging hearts are easy to make from waxed paper and crayons. Color your room with cheer and love! Link

Custom Jewelry Box is perfect gift to keep your precious jewelry displayed in style. Link

Photographs are the most common gifts and luckily we have so many options available to make this gift special. Try these embroidered portraits, they are easy to make and certainly a different  and special way to show your love. Link  

Thank your partner for making you fortunate by loving you,  with these charming fortune cookies filled with treats or special messages. Link

There are thousand of cards available in the local store or online, but, making a special card gives a different and close feel. Also, its an easy craft idea for kids who want to gift a card to their friends. Link

In love with someone who is in love with books? Then what better gift would be than heart shaped bookmark. Link

Transform a series of candid images into a curated collection with the help of a lidded wooden box, cute pull up photo album. Link

These stenciled decorated muslin bags are just right for wrapping treats for friends, loved ones, or your kid’s classmates. Link

Give love message to your loved ones on home baked sugar cookie, food safe markers make this love letter complete. Its irresistible love letter, isn’t it? Link  

Elegant way to give loved ones something sweet this Valentine’s Day. Link

  Lets Live Impressive!!