Decorate with Coffee Beans

Roasted coffee beans are good for more than just grinding and brewing, they smell fantastic and can be used to decorate home in may ways. The scent will fill the place with fragrance for weeks and you can buy these whole roasted beans from nearby store.  Add unique style and fragrance to your home with these  creative ways to decorate and accessorize with coffee beans.

When using flowers to decorate, add coffee beans to enhance the beauty. The deep brown color looks great with any hue, beans will hold the stems together and gives a earthy effect. Pic Courtesy

Use some spare kitchen jars and turn them into impressive votive holders, the unique holders will look fantastic in the kitchen window or on the countertop. Vanilla or cinnamon scented candles and coffee beans smell fantastic together. Pic Courtesy

Put your make up brushes in box filled with beans, needless to say, fragrance will fill the room and brushes will be held together. Pic Courtesy

If you own a cafe/coffee shop then what better way to decorate would be then to decorate with roasted coffee beans, spread coffee beans on the table and cover with glass top. You can make any design with beans or simply add some white pebbles to give a wholesome effect. Pic Courtesy

Coffee beans can work well in weddings as well, they can be name card holders or center pieces. Add candles to the settings to make it more romantic. Pic Courtesy 

Coffee Beans in a frame! You can add them as background for a photo frame or cover the side panels of a frame. These projects are easy to do and can be done in an hours time and they make perfect  gift ideas too. Pic Courtesy

                                                                                                                                                              Pic Courtesy

Lets Live Impressive!!