Decorate with Polka Dots

Polka dots are a great way to add color and pattern to any room, they can be use to add brightness or add a subtle tone to the room. If you don’t want to change the wall pattern or fill the room, add accessories such as pillows, chair cover or table, it gives a colorful center to the room and gives a playful feel. These ideas will help you use this cute pattern in right way!

Polka dots can be used to add interest to a blank wall, you can go for bright colors in spring season and can keep a pastel ton for the winters. Polka dots can be used in master bedroom, living room or kids room, key is to choose right colors to keep it lively. Go for one wall to add a cheerful tone to the room. Pic Courtesy

Polka dots can be incorporated in artwork easily, you can ask kids to choose their favorite colrs and help them to make wall hangings in dot pattern. Pic Courtesy

 Furnish a girl’s room with these pink polka dot curtains, it adds a jolt of color and pattern to the room. Link



If you don;t want to paint a wall or go for permanent patterns on wall, accessorize the place with polka dot cushions, chair or upholstered cushion table to add a nice little pop of color. Pic Courtesy

Pic Courtesy

Polka dots on a wall, especially in a smaller room, might look clutterred.  But as you can see in the bathroom below, polka dots can actually be quite subtle and pretty. Pic Courtesy

If you are not fan of paint, then add a funky shower curtain with colorful modern pattern on polka dot base. It gives a burst of color and colorful feel to the shower. Link

Sometimes it’s hard to find something interesting and cost effective to rejuvenate bathroom, putting a console with mirror dot console is a great solution! Link

Lets Live Impressive!!