Color Trends 2013- Orange

Vibrant, warm and color which will add a number of effects to your home décor. A citrus hue can enliven a room, while a deeper shade will add lovely warmth. Burnt orange shade or deep yellow makes room cozy and will help you relax after a hectic day. It can be combined with other colors to complete the desired look but if you experimenting for the first time with this vibrant color, start off on a small scale by customizing with coordinated accessories. Color Trends 2013- Orange.

White walls provide a neutral backdrop for a bold mix of colors in this living room, rich brown seating adds depth and geometric art completes the look. I love the way this living room has a  playful streak with right amount of orange accessories. Pic Courtesy

Small but stylish living room look completed  with orange sofas and walls, blue ottoman/center table revs up the look. Pic Courtesy

Orange is color of sun and its natural that it creates a warm atmosphere, in this setting orange is crossed with hot pink and yellow to make it  balance of bright and neutral color scheme. Pic Courtesy

Use orange in a place where you expect lot of activity and gatherings as it gives out energy and intensity to any celebration. Pic Courtesy

Chairs in mango orange sets the tone for this vibrant dining room, it calls for a cool center point. Matched with pear green rug and both colors included in the wall hanging on the fireplace gives it a desired appeal. Pic Courtesy

Subtle and fetching look in the breakfast corner, introduce the color with traditional drapes balanced with use of coral orange, yellow, green and blue. Perfect for a day time get together. Pic Courtesy

Soothing blue walls and white drapes and punches of orange color brings a warm sense relaxation to the master bedroom. Coral and orange pillows and quilt adds a feminine touch to the bold color. Pic Courtesy

Deep orange walls add a life to the room, in daytime its bold and energizing and at night its warm and cozy. Wooden bed frame, chair gives an earthy tone to the room, antique chest gives a rich and colorful look to the whole setting. Pic Courtesy

A red, orange, blue color scheme creates a inviting bathroom, shower curtain is a colorful accessory which pops out without making the room like small or dark. Pic Courtesy

Coral shade an almost orange is a chic color to update your bathroom, white finishing to the cabinets and mirror frame gives an elegance feel. Pic Courtesy 

Any work place will benefit from energetic vibe of orange, then get your creative shoes on and paint your home office orange. To keep a citrus tone paint lime green, lighter and darker shades flowers add a lively pattern. Pic Courtesy

Tame the plain walls with vibrant orange 3D tattoo, any wall will light up with these cute butterfly tattoos. Pic Courtesy


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