Decorate with Jewel Tones

Topaz, amethyst, emerald Green, sapphire and ruby – Colors named after the tones of precious gems that they resemble to. These intense colors tend to make place look vibrant, best to match them up with other intense tones, you can also pair them up with black, white, grey or other neutrals. These colors require good lighting and large spaces, jewel tones add to a room’s ambiance and can make a large room seem intimating and inviting. Decorate with Jewel Tones and add an accent to your space.

Jewel tones make big statement, Green reminds of natural world and just like outside your space can be full of life. Some shades of emerald green have a touch of blue and it can intensify the space with vibrancy and stands out. 

Amethyst visions a luxurious effect, it gives rich and a glamorous feel. However, purple can be overpowering sometimes, instead of covering the entire room in vivid hue, try lavender, it enhances the space instantly. Topaz yellow is an ideal contrast to amethyst and it enhances the décor effortlessly. Pic Courtesy

Deep shade of blue- Sapphire, its calm and peaceful. This rich color brings a sense of elegance, when pairing a midnight shade of sapphire pair it with white to get a crisp effect. Spaces decorated in this beautiful tone are bold, dramatic and unexpected. Pic Courtesy

Topaz is exotic color, it goes well with peacock shades of deep blue, green, gold and amethyst. Topaz accessories is the best way to introduce jewel tones to the setting. 

Ruby is energetic and dynamic tone, ruby decor can be a overwhelming effect on thus pink sobers it down. Give a contrast to the setting by pairing a bright shade with white. I love the way ruby enhances the spaces with accessories. Pic Courtesy

An important element to use jewel tones is lighting, these tones will inspire you to take decoration to richer and bolder level. It all depends on you how you want to use these rich tones, use the colors to paint the walls or use them in furnishings to start with. 

Lets Live Impressive!!