Decorate With Stripes- Hot Trends

Modern interior design trends offer beautiful patterns for home decor, stripes can create an elegant and bring dramatic change into home interiors. You can go for bright colors and contrasts, add uniqueness and balance to the space. Stripes help to make space spacious, fabrics and textiles add proportion, create rhythm and can easily add a brightness and energy to traditional setting. Here are few interesting ideas to decorate with stripes.

The pairing seems to work best in wide stripes, you can choose from wall to ceiling or from ceiling to mid wall. Yellow is a refreshing spring color and adds brightness to any room. Pic Courtesy 

Choosing contrast colors, experimenting with the decoration will make any room look alive and welcoming. Black & White stripes rug instantly makes room look spacious. Pic Courtesy

A vibrant red-and-white-stripe cotton enlivens a sunny breakfast nook in a kitchen. Pic Courtesy

Give your dining room a playful and fun feel with beautiful stripes on table and walls. Pic Courtesy

Make your kitchenware all interesting this summer, stripes will bring excitement to your kitchen cabinets. Pic Courtesy

Bold cheerful colors, stylish stripe curtain fabric add visual interest to  room decor. Curtains look stylish and trendy, making windows  feel playful.  Window treatments are important part of redecorating interiors. Pic Courtesy

If you don’t want to make bold changes then accessorize the place with stripes, you can put a wall art, cushions, curtains or bed sheets.You can choose from neutral color to brightest of the color as your interiors require. Pic Courtesy

No home decor is complete without patio, DIY projects are great way to include stripes in the outdoor settings. You can paint wooden planks or get stripe vinyls to decorate garden area or patio. Link

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