Theme Wedding Ideas- Rock ‘n’ Roll Themed Wedding

Theme Wedding Ideas- Rock ‘n’ Roll Themed Wedding – Wild, bold and vintage theme and goes well with rock music.  Black, red, silver are usually the main colors used to create a rock & roll wedding decoration, but with changing times electric colors like hot pink, nectarine and neon are in. As per Cy Fair Music & Arts, music instruments – guitar, drums can be easily induced in the decoration scheme.

Reading magazines and articles about rock music artists is a great way to draw inspiration for the décor and themes. Glamour and humor are essentials, so don’t hesitate to experiment. Enjoy!

Theme Wedding Ideas – DIY

Invitations are the first impression to your guests as to what is the theme of wedding, you can design invitations which looks like concert invitation, after all they are gonna be on dancing floor with punk rock music and celebrating your special day. You can also add the picture of your qalo rings on the invitation to make it look more of a rock’ n’ roll wedding invitation.
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Rock & Roll Wedding Decoration -Table decorations and centerpieces includes a rich mix of black, white and red color. Use of colors totally depends on what you plan to do or your wedding planner suggests. Best part about rock & roll theme is that you can combine both formal and casual elements. Pic Courtesy

Rock & Roll Wedding Decoration Ideas

Cakes can be as creative you like, keeping it simple in black and white with red rose petals. Add a theme based topping to complete the delicious and creative cake. Pic Courtesy

Along with rock music and lot of dancing, let your guests have a unique photo booth experience of 60’s. Photo booth just fit in right to the rock & roll themed wedding, let guests use props and vibrant color backgrounds to create a special effect. You can gift pictures to them in a antique photo frame as wedding favor. The cost of a wedding video can vary depending on what is desired.

Some couples opt for an all-points videography service such as top dallas video production services, where the entire event will be captured in high definition and sound with professional equipment by seasoned professionals who know how best to capture every moment; others prefer something simpler like VHS tapes or digital copies which offer lower quality but still allow them easy access later if needed.

let guests use props and vibrant color backgrounds

Photo Booth Inspired by 60's

Attach mini records to small boxes filled with candy or locally made jams or you can simply gift a record to guests. Choosing the perfect album for each guests means thinking deeply what that person means to you. What better favor you can think of for this vibrant themed wedding. Pic Courtesy

Party Favors with Mini Records, Rock & Roll Wedding Theme

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