Cozy Window Seat Design Ideas

Window Seat – a perfect nook where you can relax, read, drink a cup of tea or simply watch nature, building a window seat usually poses a challenge but if you can use the unused space by the window effectively you will have one of the most appreciated corners in the room. Accommodate a seat which is comfortable, use pillows, cushions or small mattress to make it cozy. Window which gets direct sunlight is perfect place to create a special nook, you can combine a small table, sofa or bean bags to create an extra seating for a small day gathering. Window seats add to the charm of interiors and with little effort you can use this space for storage as well- stylish and functional. Choose from these window seat styles and find the perfect fit for your home.


Make use of every space, even when space is limited it can be made stylish. Make the area inviting by adding artwork and right lighting, accessorize it with pretty and cozy fabrics.

Window areas if made up nicely invites family members to mingle, empty looking space can be turned into a reading nook, space to gather for evening tea or play area for kids.

Bring comfort to small spaces, if you think a edged seat is not a possibility you can still convert window area into cozy corner to unleash your whole day tiredness. Create the window corner into functional daybed without sacrificing on style in small space.

Add movable furniture such as ottoman which looks like part of the window seat, can be used as extra seating and when not required can be moved to create extra space to move around.

Look to underused spots, even the smallest of the spaces can be used to create a little spot where you can read and relax. With storage underneath, this window seat is perfect to use of charming stairway window.

Take advantage of long narrow spaces, empty space below window seat can be used for storage using traditional wicker baskets.


You can create a window seat which looks like an extension to the room, a perfect place to start your morning and end the day with light music & drinks after dinner.





Many households have to deal with crisis of space when it comes to add an extra space for dining area, these three simple style make an amazing use of window areas, they look like a small dining corner and extension of the kitchen itself.




Pics Courtesy: Freshome and Better Homes & Gardens

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