Creative and Modern Chairs

Innovative and creative furniture have a unique way of breaking from contemporary looks and  regularity, not only furniture fills up an empty space but also add a charm to it. Chairs are the most common piece of furniture used in any household, from old wooden chairs to cane and iron. These creative and modern chairs made combining traditional and new innovative concepts are sure to make a special corner. Have a look!


The knotted affair, simple iron bench innovated into a creative piece with ropes knotted in a designer accent. Pic Courtesy

An Indian handcrafted rug turned into a beautiful seating. Pic Courtesy

Do you like rocking chairs? Well this one has a comfort of a sofa and fun of rocking chair. Pic Courtesy

Now that is what is called knowing the right spot, simple benches turned into designer pieces with male and female signs. Cute! Pic Courtesy

Colorful prints add a splash color to any neutral tone setting, these bohemian style printed chairs are perfect for any room. Pic Courtesy

Nautical themed decoration is quiet a craze, this rope decorated chair is perfect for any nautical theme country home or patio. Pic Courtesy

Digital Prints have been seen on accessories such as cushions, shower curtains, mugs and tables and now its a new thing in chairs as well. you can easily create a theme with these smartly accessorized chairs. Pic Courtesy


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Lets Live Impressive!!