Month: August 2013

Creative Seating for Living Room

Living room has its own importance for a family and if space is constraint you can convert a empty boring corner into a living area,

Weekend Decorating Ideas

Are you looking for an instant change in the rooms, changing a complete room takes a lot of time and these quick decorating tips will

Home Bar Design Ideas

Home Bars are usually seen as a luxurious addition to any household and seen in big houses or apartments but with changing time and ever

Creative and Modern Chairs

Innovative and creative furniture have a unique way of breaking from contemporary looks and  regularity, not only furniture fills up an empty space but also

Bohemian Style Dining Rooms

Colorful, warm and charming – Bohemian style is associated with gypsies, art, music and unique mix of colorful elements. Designing and decorating a bohemian style dining room is fun, if you