Designer Window Treatments

Window treatments, like the ones from window treatments palm desert, can revitalize your decor in any room of the house. Give an easy change to any room with simply giving windows seasonal treatment. From elegant draperies to Roman shades you can choose the treatments which compliment  decor theme.  Choose modern concepts such as window decals and wallpapers which are easy to change and come on easy budget. Here are few stylish and functional ways to use window treatments to add new refreshing look to your home.

A Roman shade in the same fabric as kitchen seating covers, its a nice idea to carry Ikat pattern all around the house. Pic Courtesy

Tassel fringe is a great idea for a feminine room, colors in coordination with furniture makes room look more spacious and vibrant. Pic Courtesy

In addition to beauty its the functional aspect which will make window treatments more appealing, blinds can help you use the natural lighting in optimum way. Pic Courtesy

Custom window treatments can be the most important element when decorating your room. Fabrics, trim, and design makes each project unique. Pic Courtesy

Window decals can add a dramatic look to the window, here a flower and leave decal around the arch window works as feature wall and half covered window works as elegant headboard. Pic Courtesy

Venetian Blinds gives you luxury and elegant feel, no other drapes or curtains are required. This gives a minimalist and neat  look to the room. Pic Courtesy

Do-it-yourself window treatment, fringed cafe curtain with set your window apart with dyed linen strips. Choose the color scheme which appeals to you, tie them with curtain rod and cut to desired length and you have cafe curtain look instantly. Pic Courtesy

Pleated look and functionality of valance, to make this window treatment, back a rectangle of the drapery fabric with a light-blocking fabric using fusible web. Iron in deep pleats and starch heavily. Stitch pleats into place and glue a grosgrain ribbon down the middle. Tie the ribbon in a loose bow at the bottom. Pic Courtesy

In a room as functional as a kitchen, which is packed with metal appliances and wood cabinets, window treatments might be the only source of softness in the entire space. Pic Courtesy

Keeping windows clean is a must, especially in kitchens. Anything near stove or sink will soak up splatter and odor. Material you are going to use should be considered beforehand so as to not hustle with stains afterwards. Pic Courtesy

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