8 Cool Designer Lamps

Choosing an ideal lamp shade will involve lot of thinking and creative approach. While looking out for some cool lampshades I found that there is no limit of exciting lamps. I found some superb designs which can be purchased or created with little effort. Stop simply illuminating your space and start brightening your home with these cool modern lamp designs

Little HangMan

Cute little body toy hangs and swings with a cable and makes it an attraction for any room. You can choose from various designs specially crafted for men or women, feminine or masculine.

Book of Lights

As a kid it always excited me how cards and books had paper designs which takes shape of fairy or an animal. Takeshi Ishiguro created this unique design in form of coffee table book which pop’s up lamp powered by low voltage adapter.

Luau Portable Lamp

Designed by Duane Smith and Stefane Barbeau for Oxo, this portable lamp can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. When removed from its charging base, Luau delivers warm light and the glow lasts for 6 to 10 hours.

Bowling Lamp

Josh Owens designed this bowling lamp which turns off when knocked over. This lamp can be used in your room on windowsill or if you have ‘pub dream’ to create a sports bar it can give an edge to your design.

Cup and Saucer Lamp

Rather intriguing design and can be tried with old cups and saucer. You can try your hand with different color lights. One my favorite designs.

Sun Jar, Moon Jar

If you have favorite cookie jar or jam jar which is waste and you want to reuse it as a cool lamp then all you need is to cut open solar garden light (costs minimal and readily available) and place in old jar. This solar powered LED lighted jar can be made in different colors, textures and designs.

Droog’s 85 Lamps Chandelier

Call me old fashioned but chandeliers always attracted me, thus I would like to include this unconventional chandelier design which was created with simple light bulbs. This design can be used as centerpiece in a studio apartment or in drawing room.

Globoy Solar Night Lamp

Cute solar lamp sleeps during the day at your windowsill and gives soft comforting glow at night when flipped over.