Designer Family Rooms

Edgy and modern or coordinated and traditional, whatever your design style is family room is a place to gather together with those you love. Decorating family rooms need innovation and unique taste. By applying the right basic model you will have a trendy and clean family room space. There are many considerations such as its remodeling, dimension and features. Type is one of the most critical ideas when we make family room themes. In this post we have tried to showcase some basic decorating themes which you can use while decorating the family room. Try one today!

American Cottage Family Room: Accessories are inspired by the British and American flags, custom made damask throw pillows add on. You don’t have to go for expensive items but hunt for new goods which has less expensive versions. Pic Courtesy

Details:  If you are fan of details, the combination of yellow, mint and pops of fuchsia are breathtaking. Eclectic design speaks to you, the windows and fireplace surround gives a stunning effect to complete room. Pic Courtesy

Orderly:  A simple family room in blue and white shouts ‘welcoming’. The fabrics and furniture are indestructible. Pic Courtesy

Cozy:  Distinctive affect for unique and designs, cuteness is the key element when deciding a cozy feel. Arrangement of patterns in unique manner adds exclusivity to this not so spacious cozy family room. Pic Courtesy

Earthy: Comfortable and ample seating in earth- tone linens with cashmere throws creates a serene setting. To keep it light and easy, sheer curtains are perfectly used by designer. Pic Courtesy

Open Spaces:  Bright open space where adult and children can spend time together during the day. Large multi-functional room with modern furnishings reforms the space with an edge.  Pic Courtesy

Beach House: Inspired by the colors of sand and sea, this beach house family room uses the natural light to bring out the best of the design. Pic Courtesy

Blended:  Kitchen has been seamlessly blended with family room in NY home. You can spend more time with your family without compromising while cooking alone.  Pic Courtesy

Moroccan-Style Family Room:  Moroccan- style family room neatly covers a small office behind carved lattice doors. Color has been played with can lights which gives this family room a relaxing feel. Pic Courtesy

Modern Sitting Room: A Clutter free and recessed furnishings creates a modern and edgy family room. White sofas are finely given a sun tone with orange cushions. Pic Courtesy

Lets Live Impressive!!