Modern Retro Bedroom Ideas

You can enjoy a retro inspired bedroom accents by creating a reaction of a funky look from a previous time period.  The retro style started from 1950 to 1980 and had interesting trends each year. The design is very unique, timeless and fun. Introduction of sleek furniture matched with boldly patterned wall papers, psychedelic patterns and splashes of bright colors. There are vintage movie props for sale that can certainly help bring out the retro feel in your room. You can experiment with metallic accents to striking angles and curves and mauve dominated.  Retro style is fun, stylish and daring which will inspire and make you nostalgic in many ways. Enjoy!!

No frill four poster bed and vintage accessories gives this room a streamlined retro feel. Red, white and blue strips patterns add a twist. Pic Courtesy

Inspired by the commercial arts of sixties this wall painting will make you fall in love all over again, Retro StylePic Courtesy

Floors can add on to the beauty of any room and it’s always nice to have something soft underfoot with little dramatic touch to it. A patterned rug can be a hit of color to a sleek grey bed. Pic Courtesy

A pale yellow wall gives out a sense of serenity among all the patterned elements. Vintage- inspired patchwork quilts from Anthropologie completes the theme. Pic Courtesy

Minimalist bedroom design with 3D rendered images as a headboard. Curtains and lamps create a retro style look with sleek old fashioned touches. Pic Courtesy

Retro could be one of the most sharp ultra modern kids bedroom design idea. Using simply accents and accessories surely glamorize the bedroom and mix of purple wall with patterned furnishings gives a striking look. Pic Courtesy

One of the coolest ways to introduce any theme is to start by slowly working your way to big chunks of the room. These vintage suitcases adds a retro feel to the room. Pic Courtesy

You can feel the 70’s earthy colors in this muted-color bedroom design. The colorfully patterned wall paper shouts out retro.  Pic Courtesy

So girly and playful! The colors and the bold floral-stripe pattern used are just perfect. Pic Courtesy

Lets Live Impressive!!