Home Decor Patterns – Trendy & Traditional

Following a latest decor trend or a traditional decor theme has been confusion since forever. With a collective change in the tastes and styles of the individuals it is impossible to stay tuned with the latest trends. Budget and time are not readily available with everyone and thus you might find yourself living in long gone theme house. However, trendsetter and creative designers suggest that we can stick to traditional home decor patterns and can use them in latest styles and designs. As they say, it is all about  curiosity, innovation and yearn for change. Here are some golden home decor patterns which changed their appearance over the years but the essence and feel has remained the same.


Chevron pattern has become so popular that it appears across multiple industries. Home decor, fashion, interior design, furnishings, branding nothing is left untouched by this luxurious pattern. This chic graphic print can run the gamut from furnishings to fashion. Pic Courtesy


This versatile, sturdy, natural fabric is no longer used only in country home décor and it blends nostalgia, practicality and style. This pattern works well with many home decorating styles, and adds a little country home decor to any style. Large or small, straight or on the bias check will suit almost in all the colors. Although it was famous in primary colors; blue, red, or yellow but stylist has taken them to whole new and bold level.  Pic Courtesy


One of the best things about stripes is versatility, stripes would work everywhere and anywhere; walls, pillows, rugs, window treatments, bedding and not to forget ceiling. Whether you use them in a traditional way or in a totally modern and contemporary way, decorating with stripes is a great way to get a “decorator” look. But be sure that you avoid using colors that clash or to use strong colors in small areas. Stripes can create effective illusions that can greatly change the look and size of a space since the pattern is so directional so be sure to use them in small portions first. Pic Courtesy


One of the loveliest patterns, we love them on clothes and accessories; let this hot pattern be a part of your home decor.  Large, medium or small, polka dots always make an impact and create a trendy look to the room. Curtains, wallpapers, furniture decals, throw pillows, DIY wall art or paint effects you can use this pattern in numerous great ways. Be it simple black and white combination or a sunny and bright yellow paired with white base you can never go wrong. Pics Courtesy


Refreshing, soothing and welcoming, floral pattern can go from patterned tea cups to vintage floral wallpaper. It lifts the energy of the room and brings freshness to the ambiance. Muted color schemes are perfect backgrounds, you can have the large areas or a hint of vintage with floral pattern. From grouped floral postcards to simple flower arrangements, there are so many ways you can introduce floral fabrics. Think light, bright and crisp.  Pics Courtesy

Mixed Patterns

Don’t mix more than 4 patterns in one room; make sure to pick patterns of different sizes. If you picking chevron as main pattern use checks as second pattern and small portions of floral and polka.  For the stylish and chic feel try to keep on the patterns in the similar color shades or in the same texture such as jewels, pastels and earthy tones. Choose the same color shades for the biggest pattern, while the second pattern should match one of these colors. As for the third one, it can come in a completely different shade. Make sure to use a color wheel for a striking result.

Lets Decorate Impressive!!