Natural Lighting Ideas

Natural Light is one of the most important elements for a healthy living and abundance of natural light in home can add to the ambiance of the room. It makes the room look spacious, dark rooms with larger furniture and well-lit rooms with less furniture can have the opposite affect when it comes to interior design. So create a fresh and therapeutic ambiance in your home with these natural lighting ideas.

Enlarge or Introduce New Windows If you have enough wall space, its better to enlarge small windows. Ensure the new windows don’t negatively affect the building’s proportions, both indoors and out; sending its lines off balance with a badly placed window.  Pic Courtesy

Top Light

For those of you who struggle with trying to make your interiors feel larger, natural light and illumination can fool the eye. Consider using multiple lighting sources in the evening, to avoid dark areas in your home. Top light is the brightest of all natural lights and can be easily incorporated in the lighting design. Pic Courtesy Window Treatments

Take a look at your current window treatments. Heavy blinds, thick drapery and layered fabric curtains often keep out much-needed natural light. Consider using lighter-weight fabrics such as cotton or linen fabrics, especially in climates that allow moderate temperatures to filter in.


Give yourself an excuse to have to open your window shades daily by using greenery around your home. Houseplants in a room can be perfect excuse to let natural light in. Pic Courtesy

Artificial Lighting

Artificial lighting can beautify your home, from eco-friendly varieties such as compact fluorescent and LED fixtures to innovative one’s like this in-floor light strip can add on to the light source.

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