Nightstand & Bedside Table Buying Tips

Nightstand and bedside table may be small and compact but are one solution for so many requirements, from alarm clocks to lamps these handy tables can be used for both storage and decoration. These double-duty products needs to be both functional and appealing, along with shelves and drawers you need to make sure of the size and style of the table. Whether in the market or DIY you can get these cute tables to suit your taste and style of room. Here are some tips to choose the right nightstand/bedside table for your bedroom. Enjoy!!

Nightstand Style Ideas

The Style

Some will prefer to match the style and finish with other pieces of furniture while others will look for a contrasting material to add an accent. Make sure to choose the piece which is easy to maintain and adds to the overall style of your bedroom. Pic Courtesy

The Durability

A solid wood piece may not be the best choice, as liquids can ruin the surface, a shiny finish like lacquer or mirror will need to be wiped down for fingerprints and smudges more regularly that a matte table. When shopping, keep your lifestyle in mind, so your new table will continue to look great. Pic Courtesy

The Height

With the current low platform beds it is advised to take the measurements before buying the table. It is best if the height of your table is within six inches of the bed height, so your personal items and bedside lamps are at a comfortable reach. Pic Courtesy

The Storage

While some nightstands are just small tables with legs, others have ample storage inside for essential items you may want at bedtime. You need to consider beforehand that you would prefer to have closed cabinet doors or open shelving. Pic Courtesy

Bedside Table Buying Tips


If you still don’t want traditional bedside table just place a dresser next to the other side of the bed. You can also try freestanding or floating bedside tables, which take up zero floor space. Pic Courtesy

Invest wisely on this essential item of any bedroom – Bedside Table. Lets Decorate Impressive!!