Holiday Ideas – Backyard Camping

 Nothing says summer like camping and backyard camping is the perfect way to introduce kids to it. Although it is not the exact feeling of being out in nature but yes it has its own up side, low on stress, high on thrill, small distance to clean bathrooms and a stocked fridge. Add some easy games and loads of treats to make this camping experience exciting and memorable for the kids. 

Backyard Camping

Basic Requirements

Although its right in your backyard but it can be an opportunity to teach kids how to tent, tie the ropes, secure the area and cook food which will keep them active even in harsh conditions of actual camping. Pic Courtesy Activities No camping is complete without any fun games, introduce kids to new games which you loved to play as kid. Hop & Crawl, Bucket Brigade, Ghost in the Graveyard, there are number of games which will keep kids engaged whole night. Pic Courtesy Food If you choose to eat outdoors, you can pop into the house for real dishes and utensils, dine by the flames outdoor. No matter how you eat, remember that dinner should be bonding time. Nachos, berry coolers, grilled cheese tents with campfire fries, Yummy! Pic Courtesy

Camping Activities

Pre – Activity Fun Let the kids create a special camp kit, let them collect the supplies and get them together to make them understand the essentials during any camping trip. By sticking close to home,  kids can feel safe and secure and still enjoy a wonderful family bonding experience. Pic Courtesy

Regular Activity The National Wildlife Federation hosts an annual Great American Backyard Campout. Let whole neighborhood have the fun of this camping experience, take a hike through the lane, take nature samples by picking up leaves, flowers, or rocks to analyze later. Snap some photos. Just make sure to be back at your campsite, aka your backyard, about an hour before sundown. Pic Courtesy

Backyard Camping is great way to get young one’s familiar with nature in secured environment. Lets Live Impressive!!