Decorating with Vases

Adding beautiful vases is no more restricted to side table in the living room or the dining table. The variety allows one to use a floor vase in various different settings with ease. It all depends on the theme you are choosing to decorate the house. Floor vase is wonderful way of turning a dull and forgotten corner into the focal point of the room.

Decorating With Vases

Vases work well in every room and most often fit in nicely with your existing theme as well. One big vase with gorgeous flowers, and at least 1 huge glass something or other filled with fruit or limes and lemons for a pretty display. Vases filled with fresh flowers will enhance the ambiance of any room. Use it to house seasonal flora or fauna as part of a larger decorative theme: long branches in a floor vase in the fall, sprigs of holly and pine in the winter, and lilies in the spring are all good ways to update your decor each season.


Decorating with vases is the simplest way to add charm to any open space. Place various heights and shapes of plain glass or white ceramic vases somewhere where they’ll catch the light, like on a table in front of a bay window. Pic Courtesy

Vases- DIY

An over-sized white vase in the bedroom adds a touch of glamour while keeping a calm, relaxing look.

Accessorized large vases with bamboo create a nature-inspired divider to separate two rooms whereas a large bronze vase breaks up t long entryway hall.

A large vase centerpiece doesn’t clutter a room, but it actually creates height. Pic Courtesy

A large vase centerpiece creates height.

Use a wide-top vase to house candles, either plain wax or scented. The vase will help to enhance the light from the flame and the higher sides will protect the surrounding walls from damage due to heat.

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