Platform Beds – DIY Design Ideas

Platform beds add a simplistic touch to your bedroom, they can make a smaller room appear larger. Bedroom is all about your personal taste, and choosing the bed style makes lot of difference in any bedroom’s appeal and tone. With endless options available you can choose with or without the storage. Protect your mattress, order here mattress protector amazon from their wide range of mattress protectors. Amazon offer you high quality bedding at competitive prices.

Platform Beds – DIY Ideas

Contemporary style platform beds are timeless! You can buy it from a fancy store or make one yourself. Pic Courtesy

A floating platform bed is the perfect element to add style and dimension to an ordinary room. With built in storage units and a headboard created to accent the frame, this idea is exceptional! Pic Courtesy

platform beds are perfect element to add style and dimension to an ordinary room.

Platform beds with a custom made headboard can be added for more detail. This idea is great for a sophisticated room and evokes a sense of warmth and comfort. Pic Courtesy

If a more traditional style is what appeals to your senses, these platform beds are the perfect piece of decor to accent your bedroom. Pics Courtesy

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