10 Super Duper Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate gifting is serious business. It can enhance relationships and become a cost-effective means of recognizing activities that benefit the business. Although it has no direct ROI, it can be a recognition of your brand and reminder of your courtesy. Gifts may differ from person to person or gender, position matters a lot while giving a gift. Most corporate gifts like corporate gifts in Singapore are given to major clients, after that comes employees, then prospective clients.

Handing out gifts or corporate plaques to employees as part of their recognition for the things they do for a company can give them extra motivation to continue their good work. We also started giving perks to employees for another business and that has worked wonderfully well so comes highly recommended. You can also try out these logo cookies that can be customized to bear your business’ logo as your next corporate gifts! Here are 10 other corporate gift ideas that you can use year long.

Corporate Gift Ideas

1. Business Bags: Image is everything and if you going to a meeting or networking event looking professional is must. Business bag or tote would be a perfect corporate gifts for females. Professional-looking bags like this african bag will enhance your personality and  give you the look of a success-oriented businesswoman.

Apart from bags, you can also give out custom promotional apparel to reach more people and promote your business.

Business Bags - Will enhance your personality and give you look of success oriented businesswoman corporate gift ideas
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2. Good Book: You can’t go wrong with a good book or magazine to support professional and personal growth. If you don’t know which magazine or book to select, there are always gift cards to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or a favorite local bookstore. In fact, there are sites online that offer free coupons like a barnes and noble coupon, for example.

Good Books - Books as in Corporate Gift ideas
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3. E- Readers: E-Reader is a modern must for today’s savvy women in business.  The Kindle, the Nook, the iPad and other E-Readers are lightweight enough to carry in a business tote and easy enough to use anywhere.

E-Reader is a modern must for today’s savvy women in business, perfect corporate gift idea
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4. External Storage Device: Every business owner needs a good external data storage device.  As a business owner it is essential to back up your business documents securely and quickly. External hard drives or USB flash drives in most office supply stores. A Custom Mousepad is also a great corporate gift.

External Storage Device as a corporate gift ideas
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Corporate Gift Ideas For Every Gender

5. Office Supplies: A gift basket overflowing with office supplies. Pen, paper, desk calendar, file folders, motivational mousepad, stamps and mailing supplies, notepads, printer cartridges, etc. If you want to get a calendar as your gift, then consider taking a look at these Animal Calendars. You can also give a personalized Handcrafted Ballpoint Business Pen as a gift.

corporate gift ideas - A gift basket overflowing with office supplies
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6. Paper Clip Holder: On a desk or conference table with three fabulous family pictures for any client or employee. A paper clip holder as well will make this gift a most desirable one as well as functional.

cool corporate gift ideas
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7. Creative Label Maker: A label maker makes a great time management gift. What better way to stay organized and save time than to have files, storage containers and other items labeled so they can be identified and found easily. You can check out these Brother DK compatible labels for the labels that are fully compatible and specially made to work perfectly you’re Brother printers!

A label maker makes a great time management gift.

8. Ecosystem in Globe: The EcoSphere is an entire ecosystem that’s completely self-contained in a glass globe. It was first developed by NASA, and now that it’s in the mainstream market, it’s pretty much the coolest gift ever. Buy it Now

ecosphere a corporate gift ideas
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Corporate Gift Ideas - Go Green
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9. Eco-friendly: If your company’s motto is to ‘Go Green’, gift a customized goody bag with a heart and a conscience, you can order here for perfect collection that fits your budget. You can also get custom circle stickers with your business’ logo that you can plaster on your giveaway items.

10. Coffee Mugs: With technology continuing to advance every single day, these high-tech drinking cups make great corporate gift ideas. Corporate Gift Ideas - Coffe Mugs

These corporate gift ideas can vary according to recipient, however it does make difference how much thought you add into it.  Lets Gift Impressive!!