30 Elegant Wedding Websites With Attached Creativity

A wedding website has become a tradition nowadays, couples like to share their big day with friends on social networks and friends connected will always want to know more about couples relationship and history. It always make it easy to plan for gift if you have an idea of what couple has gone through till now. Plus wedding websites can show you the real celebration mood, that runs in the family. No wedding card can express more than a wedding website.

I made one for myself as well, it had information about the event, online RSVP, location, timings and a story about, how we met.

Another feature which is prominent in wedding websites is a photogallery, which is one of best showcase of your most memorable moments. It all adds up to a wonderful feeling which can be seen online from anywhere, anytime. In this post, we have featured thirty most elegant wedding websites which has several features attached with brilliant creativity.

1. A tented affair (William and Sarah)

A tented affair (William and Sarah)


2. Jess & Russ

Jess & Russ


3. Ali & Nick

Ali & Nick


4. Steve + Jacqs

Steve + Jacqs


5. Amanda and Gavin

Amanda and Gavin


6. Tying the Knot

Tying the Knot


7. Anna and Rey

Anna and Rey


8. Zachary & Tiffany

Zachary & Tiffany


9. Annie and Renje

Annie and Renje

10. Gosia & Kuba

Gosia & Kuba


11. Ashley and David

Ashley and David


12. Casa de Pittman // Courtney & Brendan

Casa de Pittman Courtney & Brendan


13. Freckles and Handsome (Angela and Josh)

Freckles and Handsome (Angela and Josh)


14. The Future McKeowns

The Future McKeowns


15. Gopal and Seema

Gopal and Seema


16. Grayden & Jenny

Grayden & Jenny


17. Helen and Josh

Helen and Josh


18. It’s the Jumpoff

It's the Jumpoff


19. Isabelle and Henri

Isabelle and Henri


20. A Tented Affair

A Tented Affair


21. Jenni and Jonah

Jenni and Jonah


22. Andy Mindler & Lindsay Burtner

Andy Mindler & Lindsay Burtner


23. Karl and Gina

Karl and Gina


24. Kriste Rose & Kevin Seiter

Kriste Rose & Kevin Seiter


25. TieTheKnot (Template)


26. Nanda and Juan Diego

Nanda and Juan Diego


27. Nick and Kristen

Nick and Kristen


28. Nikki and Eric

Nikki and Eric


29. Paul and Victoria

Paul and Victoria


30. Aimee Duplantis and Matthew Shwery

Aimee Duplantis and Matthew Shwery