Considerations When Trying to Choose High-End Cabinets

Style, function, value – these are all considerations you are sure to make when selecting new kitchen cabinets ottawa. However, one factor that many homeowners fail to consider is the quality of the cabinet they are purchasing.

Instead they choose based on price, how the cabinets look and if they are big or small enough to fit in the kitchen space. While these are important considerations, they may result in you purchasing cabinets for your kitchen composed of sub-par materials and therefore not standing up to daily wear and tear very well.

When you begin searching for cabinets for your kitchen, ensuring they are created from high quality materials is essential. Some tips to help you make this judgment are highlighted here.

Check Out the Insides

Don’t stop your inspection of the cabinets you are considering purchasing at the outside, said these cabinetry remodel designers. Be sure to run your hand on the inside edge of the frame. This should be done carefully since cabinets that are poorly made will have sharp edges that will likely leave you with a handful of splinters. While the inside does not have to feel completely smooth like the exterior, it should not be raw or rough looking. Also, look at the shelves that are used inside the cabinet. You want to see three quarter inch MDF or plywood shelves;  which are made with precision mdf cutting tools so they can be used in this furniture.

Move the Cabinets and Drawers

In most cases, if there is something on your cabinet that is going to fail, it will be related to the hardware. When you are shopping you should be sure to check any hinges, drawer guides and any other moving parts. Also, look for cabinets with brand name hardware and ask if any guarantees are offered. If something does happen to fail, you want to be certain it will be replaced.

Inspect the Finish Carefully

When you are purchasing any stained cabinets, you need to carefully examine the finish. If you notice any cloudiness, this is a clear sign of poor quality. If you have selected painted cabinets, you should ask about the brand of paint that was used and the application process. Also, ask additional questions such as the type of top seal used, how many coats of paint and if the cabinets have a baked-on-factory finish. This will make a difference when it comes to preventing staining from foods such as orange juice or ketchup.


Chances are you give careful consideration to the flooring and counter tops that are used for your kitchen model; your cabinets deserve the same attention and consideration.