10 Things you should know before buying Sectional Sofas!

Sectional sofas are a great seating solution for large families, they allow flexibility and smooth movement to create required living space. You can push them together as one unit or to break them up to create multiple living room looks. Sectional sofas are great investment, but do need some homework before splurging.

Choose something that suits your personal taste and complements the room decor. If you’re unsure, start browsing through online design magazines to check out what variety is available out there. Keep references handy while shopping.

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Before shopping, take careful measurements of your space, understand the proportion to the surrounding furniture that doesn’t make a room feel congested. You should invest in practical seating.  Color and fabric impacts the overall look of the room, with endless options you can choose from bold graphic print or bright color to make a statement. For neutral approach, go with something that blends in current theme.

Leather sectional sofas last longer than the fabric, if you are inclined towards fabric make sure to choose a durable upholstery that will last, like leather and has washable option. Comfort is the most desired trait in furniture, weigh your options in terms of comfort and maintenance.  Tight backs are easy to maintain, yet can be uncomfortable.  Attached pillow backs can be extra soft, but it’s tough to clean non-removable pillows. Multi pillow back sofas can accommodate many cushions creating a relaxed look. Here are few details you should be aware of before buying one.

Sectional Sofas has 3 main Shapes

U-shape Sectional Sofas:

U-shaped Sectional Sofa

L-shaped Sofas:

And, Semi-circular,  with modular sectionals, especially 5 piece sectionals, you can create additional configurations suiting your needs:


Styles for Sectional Sofas: Contemporary, Modern, Traditional, Coastal, Mid- Century, Country.

Traditional Sectional Sofas with Recliners


Contemporary Sofas:


Design : From stationary to Home theater, choose the style which will suffice your needs and doesn’t compromise on comfort. Stationary, Modular, Reclining, Chaise lounge  and home theater designs, Update your home theater with Home Theater Pros in Nashville today!.

Stationary Sectional Sofa:  Most common and are designed for one shape , the better sectionals  connect the pieces together so they stay in place.Stationary Sectional Sofa

Chaise Lounge Sectional Sofa: The chaise lounge is incredibly popular, it’s like having an attached ottoman.

Chaise Lounge Sectional Sofa

Material: The material of your sofa impacts duration, comfort and appearance.  Leather is usually the most preferred in modern settings, but you can try from polyester, faux leather, microfiber and chenille.

Faux Leather Sectional SofaFaux Leather Sectional Sofa

Lets talk about Pattern, Solid patterns have the dominance, you can also find striped, polka dot and other patterns.

Plaid Sectional SofaPlaid Sectional Sofa

Comfort is the most important factor, consider the back style which is most suitable and depending on how much time you will be spending on it. Some of your options are Cushion, Camel, Pillow and Tight Back.

Tight Back Sectional Sofa

Tight Back Sectional Sofa

Best part about sectional sofas is that every part has options with respect to design, function, appearance and style. You have eight styles you can choose from – Pillow Top, Track, Round, Armless, Recessed, Flared.

Flared Arm Sectional Sofa:

Flared Arm Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas can go on for years, invest only when you are clear on given options. Happy Shopping!