Identifying Real Oak

Oak is known for its sturdiness throughout the world and has been used since hundreds of years for manufacturing furniture pieces. With the advancement of technology in the furniture making industry, today the designs and functionality offered by the oak wood furniture have greatly increased.

However when seeking the companies and professionals that craft furniture made from wood one should make sure of selecting the genuine ones like the Oakfurniturecompany. This way they can be sure of buying authentic oak wood furniture which will retain its looks and functionality for a long time and can be passed on from one generation to another as a family heirloom.

Some of the reasons why oak is preferred for manufacturing furniture include, but are not limited to;

  1. It is a sturdy hardwood
  2. It has natural resistance towards insects
  3. The timbre is fungus free
  4. The wood from oak has attractive grain markings etc.

Differentiating oak from other wood types

When buying oak wood furniture it is important to observe the differentiating features of the oak so as to minimize the risks of scamming and fraudulence. Some of the other wood types looks very similar to Oak which are often sold as oak furniture to cheat the customers. Some of the features that will help in identifying the real oak include.

wood chair in garden

1. When buying an oak dining table it is important to study the surface of the table in plenty of light. Preferably run a hand along the surface to see if it has any panels pasted or joined together. If it does, then most probably the table is made from some other wood type and not solid oak.

2. Even the bottom of the table should be checked. One should confirm that both the top and the bottom are of the same color. A solid oak table will never have two different tones of colors on the top and bottom.

3. Use the internet or other sources to print out an image of the oak grains. This should be taken along when selecting the furniture piece that one intends to buy. The grains in the picture should be matched with the grains of the furniture piece selected. The furniture should only be bought if the grains match.

4. A solid oak wood furniture will be heavier than ordinary wood furniture pieces. Even if the selected item is small it would have a considerable weight.

5. The grain of solid oak can be felt on the surface. Also if the pattern varies it is a very normal occurrence. On the other hand if the pattern is repeating and looks similar even though the grain can be felt it is probably veneer.

Oak furniture is costly and keeping these points in mind one can be sure of investing in genuine furniture pieces.