How Leakages Can Ruin Your House

There are several household issues that need attention right away and the most important one is leaky roofs. Leakages are always challenging to deal with because you can’t easily determine the damaged spot. Moreover, it can cause serious damage to the structure of your house.

It promotes mold growth and in some cases conditions can even lead to fire hazards. Risks of personal injuries are also involved. Thus, leaks are a serious issue and can result in numerous complications if left neglected.

So what are leakages doing to your house? Read on to find more:

Structural Damage

Roofs are vitally your house’s hard hat meant for protection. Roofs protect you against harsh weather conditions including storm and sunlight. But since they have to bear the trouble, they are prone to getting damaged.


Holes or cracks can lead to water leakage which is enough to destroy your home’s walls, foundation and overall structure. This means both the interior and exterior of your house is in trouble. Attic and ceiling damage can lead to ugly mildew and other infrastructure issues that can be costly to repair with time. If you have any ceiling mounted lights and fans they’re also in jeopardy due to water damage.

Multiple Hazards

Slip and fall is another problem that you may face due to leaking roofs. As roof leaks, and water begins to pool or puddle on the floor it can be a great threat for your elderly family members and also children. Pay attention to your roof’s wood boards; if it begins to show signs of decay it is time to be careful since this decay represents the presence of moisture which can further lead to mold and mildew.

It is believed that once mold is formed around the house, mold spores can cause allergic reactions to people along with asthmatic symptoms and other serious health conditions.

Fire Hazards

Leaky roofs can cause great trouble as the water can get into electrical wiring. If you see any water marks or patches around electrical outlets then make sure to contact an electrical services company or get an affordable waterproofing service to fix the problem immediately.

Once the wires get destroyed and you leave them neglected then it can cause a serious fire. If the insulation is free of trouble, water can still leak around the metal boxes with uncovered wires causing health issues (electric shock etc.). Once you’re aware of the leaks move away from the affected area and shut the power off to immediately handle the situation.

To avoid all these dangers keep your water system and roofing maintained in first place.