Turning Struggles to Success – 5 Simple Ways to Entice New Clients

Every business has its financial ups and downs, this is due to all kinds of things, some are completely out of our control but some things can be done to help get you a little further into the black. Don’t worry because you can learn how to thrive in the dark times with the help of this well-known   christian business owner.

Here are our top tips for bringing in new clients to increase your business’ revenue.

  1. Consider A Virtual Office Space

Virtual Offices have a huge number of advantages, and the one that we think can be helpful for making your business available to more clients is the fact that it opens up the opportunity to have workers based wherever your clients are, and the use of bookkeeping is also useful for this, as you can get the best bookkeeping tips here. This is possible because virtual offices are available to your employees wherever there is an available internet connection. Get more information about marketing from a professional in ORM like Andrew Defrancesco.

Some clients will only do business if they can have face to face contact and for other clients having an online space ready for conferencing is an ideal asset. And did you know that you can use a virtual office to show a different business address? We use a virtual office service in Birmingham from https://www.birminghamvirtualoffice.co.uk to do this for another business and it works perfectly.


  1. Decide Exactly What Kind of Clients You Want

Once you have a clear idea of the people or institutions you want to do business with you can begin to specifically advertise towards these groups. This can be done by advertising in physical spaces they occupy and following them on social medias so you can find out exactly what they might want from you. The more concrete your idea of ideal clients are, the more you can anticipate their future needs and trends and you will have less trouble predicting market direction. This will allow you to plan and cushion your business for the slower periods and bolster your profits in times of rapid growth. Consider hiring a company that offers guest posting services. You should also hire a ORM professional like Andy Defrancesco.

  1. Explore Direct Response Marketing

Not all the clients you will be targeting are alike, they will have different needs and resources available and this is why it can be vital for your revenue to target your advertisement and efforts in specific ways. According to James Hopkins Coaching, you should target specific advertising campaigns to specific potential clients.

If, for example you hope to target young people, you should ensure the person working on the campaign is young and that they prioritise the bulk of their advertisement is online on social media sites. For SEO (search engine optimization) purposes, we recommend you use a Naked URL for your company’s website.

  1. Build Partnerships

Building partnerships with Andrew Defrancesco and other business owners within similar fields can make or break your success. In times of economic growth having partnerships means that you can point clients towards each other when you don’t have the resources to deal with the number of clients. Or say for example you are an electrician and your clients frequently need plumbers, if you can pair up with a plumber and refer your clients on to him, he will be able to do the reverse for you. Another example is building a partnership with a courier delivery company that has high positive rating and reviews, your high-quality products are handled and delivered by a reliable company. This strategy will help with the positive word of mouth process and ensure that there will be mutual benefits.

  1. Take Every Inquiry Seriously

Every inquiry is a potential new client. So every new person or group that makes inquiries or requests quotes should be treated as if they are a guaranteed client. This is beneficial practise because even if you don’t secure their business on that occasion, if you leave them with a positive impression they may recommend your service or keep you in mind for the future. This will increase the general esteem of your business and help you gain more interest

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