Beat The Winter Blues With A Simple Getaway

Winter Blues

Experts tell us that one of the best ways to overcome the winter blues is to plan a simple Christmas holiday getaway. You can check out for more information on the best places to go for your winter getaway. For some this might mean a trip to the Bahamas or to Miami Beach, but even a weekend trip to a cottage for some hot tubbing away from home can do wonders for the psyche. There are some amazing hot tub deals available if you want one for your home. If you’re planning on getting away for spring break, with the husband, the kids, or even with some friends, you’ll probably want to avoid the mall. With memories of Christmas crowds not far behind, and with winter beachwear selection abysmally dreary, many people are embracing e-commerce and shopping online for their swimwear.

If you’re like most women, you don’t fall into the unhealthy and unrealistic 2-6 size range. And if you’re like most women, you probably think there aren’t many swimsuit options if you are a plus size. The truth is that the size of the average American woman is 14, and that around the world, fashion designers and models have begun to speak out in favor of this underrepresented demographic.

Whether you’re looking for a one-piece swimsuit, a ladies American flag swimsuit, or a bikini, looking for a swimsuit can be a challenge for most. The busty and beautiful plus Size model Tess Holliday hit the internet when she made a ground-breaking appearance in an industry that has been previously known for its weight restrictions. The American beauty is the world’s first UK size 26 who is not afraid to show or talk about her curves challenging the fashion industry on the idea of what a model should look like. Thanks to efforts like hers, more and more retailers are offering swimming suits that fit your body type — not merely the size 3 body type that has come to be the outdated standard around the world.

The big reveal at the beach should no longer freak you out — whatever your size. If you’re hitting the beach, or the hot tub this spring, Skirtinis are a lifesaver if you have problem areas you’d like to conceal, and they give you a feminine and classy look that is still sexy since they highlight your curves. Breezy skirtinis keep you covered and flatter your figure at the same time. Protect your skin from the sun with womens rashies.

Winter Blues

If you’re looking to escape to the Caribbean or just to a nearby chalet, sexy skirtini can boost your confidence by making you feel sexy. Some swimming suits tend to be revealing which might end up being uncomfortable for you, but with the coverage provided by the right skirtini, you can show off just the right amount of skin while still feeling in control. Skirtinis allow you to have as much fabric as possible and still look great at the beach. You also don’t need a towel or a sarong to cover yourself up every time you leave the pool — in fact, the secret to making most of your hourglass shape is to balance your proportions. When your top is eye-catching, it tends to draw eyes upward. When you want your legs to appear longer, go for short skirtinis.

Whether you need a new Hermoza swimsuit for the summer heat or you’re taking a winter holiday vacation, the right skirtini will have you covered year-round with incredibly options to match your own sharply honed sense of style — at any size.