Dream Windows for Dream Homes


In Ontario, every homeowner looks for a way to ensure that their home is energy efficient. They don’t do laundry during on-peak hours, they turn off the lights in rooms they’re not using, and they use Energy Star appliances and electronics.

There are many different energy saving techniques that can significantly reduce energy consumption. Energy efficient home windows are yet another way to make a house energy friendly and they can have a real impact on your consumption. High-quality windows in your home will keep you warmer in the cold seasons and cooler in summer, sparing your AC use.

With proper windows, you stand to save up to 25 percent on energy costs per year. This can be used to renovate other areas of your home or invest in a different worthwhile cause; electricity generation presently accounts for 30 percent of global emissions.


Save Money

At this point, you might be wondering what the difference is between ordinary windows and Energy Star products that save you money. London, Ontario window and door company Golden Windows, manufacturer and retailer of Energy Star products for home construction, use several different technologies to improve insulation and reduce energy use. These technologies include Low-E options (which reflect heat energy), warm edge technology glass spacers (improving thermal performance by creating space between interior and exterior air masses), and argon gas to further reduce conductivity.

These replacement windows are specially made to insulate your house from the cold winds of the winter and keep the harsh sun rays away during the summer. The clear glass and wooden frames have the potential to reduce energy consumption by up to 24 percent when it is cold and up to 18 percent during summer.

Environmental Benefits

Energy saving does not stop at saving money; you help the environment by reducing the amount of energy you consume. Electricity generation is one of the largest producers of emissions in the world and conservation is an effort that needs to be undertaken by governments, industries, and individuals to make a difference. The average carbon footprint of a Canadian homeowner is 20 tonnes of CO2 per year. A clean and safe environment benefits current and future generations, and using smart windows means that you contribute to keeping the environment safe.

Noise Insulation

According to Hyatsville Window Replacement Company, double pane energy saving windows will have the added benefit of reducing noise pollution in your home. If you love your serene environment, then it may be time to look at the windows London, Ontario homeowners buy from local companies like Golden Windows.

Dream Window Styles

Energy efficiency is a great thing to have, but to truly complete your dream home, you’re going to want to have the best windows that will fit the style of your home. You’ll need to choose from a wide range of window types, grille styles, frame materials, and colours. For an idea of your options, check out the full catalogue at Goldenwindows.com/london-showroom.html. Investing in high quality energy efficient windows can be the smartest decision for any homeowner. Given that it will save energy, prevent noise, and protect the environment, investing in affordable windows is a win-win idea. Visit Kelly Window & Door for more information.