How to Arrange Furniture in Your Bedroom


Your bedroom is your sanctuary, where you can relax and rejuvenate. It’s important to arrange the furniture in your bedroom in a way that is most comfortable for you, without losing the aesthetic appeal of the space. You also need to make the most of the space you have, so you can have enough storage options.

While this may sound like something for which you may need professional help, with a little thought and some trials and errors, you can design your bedroom’s layout. The first step in this process is to arrange your furniture. Here are some tips.


Use necessary furniture only

You might be tempted to include many pieces of furniture but that would make your room look cluttered. A safe rule of thumb is — make sure your bedroom furniture consists of only those pieces that are absolutely essential.

Plan it out

Before getting the furniture in the room, it makes sense to sketch out the furniture arrangement and then do the actual heavy work of getting the furniture in and moving it around. You can try out different options on paper, and eliminate those which won’t work. This will save your walls and floor from being scratched while you move your dresser or bed for the umpteenth time. Measure the dimensions of your bedroom and the biggest items and draw a few options.

Arrange what you have

Arranging the furniture you already have, even if it’s just a bed and a dresser, will give you a fair idea of what you have to buy. You might end up over buying if you don’t know what is really required for your room. And then you’d have the problem of trying fit everything you bought.

Think function

Your lifestyle choices would also matter when you select and place furniture in your bedroom. For example, if you like to watch TV in your bedroom, you should place the dresser right opposite the bed. The dresser will function as the TV table. If you are looking for home cinema installation company in Toronto, you can visit in order to benefit from high quality tv installation and tv mounting services at affordable prices. If you’re an avid reader, use the dresser as a bookshelf. If your bedroom has plenty of wall space, you can have a wide and low dresser, but if there is less space, buy a vertical, tall, dresser.

Start with the bed

The bed would be the largest piece of furniture, so start by placing the bed first, according to the layout you’ve planned. Usually, the bed is placed facing the door. The bed can be against the largest wall without windows, in large bedrooms. In small bedrooms, the bed can be anywhere in the room which does not block the entrance and the closet’s doors.

Big items to small

Arrange the furniture from bigger pieces to small, and if you have a big closet, the dresser can be fitted in it, so that your bedroom becomes more spacious.

There are no hard and fast rules in furniture arrangement. You just have to figure out the layout which works best for your space, and have fun doing that.