6 Maintenance Tips for Your Hot Water System

Hot Water System

There could be nothing better than a hot water bath after that long and tiring day. In fact, most of our daily chores including washing up or cooking is also dependent on our hot water system. According to a residential drain cleaning company, most plumbing issues are caused by the disposal of items that are deemed biodegradable down drains or through the toilet. Although most items that say they are flushable or biodegradable break down overtime, they don’t break down right away and can cause your drains to get clogged.

However, to get that relaxing bath or for your cooking or washing needs, your hot water system must be in great condition. If not, then you will need to schedule an appointment with a water heater repair specialist for a water heater repair service. If you have hot tubs, make sure that proper hot tub repair services and maintenance of your hot water tubs with natural hot tub water cleaner should be a prerequisite to ensure that you continue enjoying the benefits and survive those winter chills with much aplomb.

Today we have some maintenance tips for your hot water system that will help keep your appliance in top shape all year round.

  1. Check the system for cracks or leakage regularly

Check your hot water system at least once in a month for any cracks, leakage, or signs of wearing. Inspecting the tank properly from top to bottom will pay off as you can check if you need a hot water heater repair or a new hot water system installation, which will require the services of a water heater repair contractor. It will save a lot of water from getting wasted while helping you deal with minor issues before it becomes hard to manage.

  1. Keep a track of the temperature and the pressure relive valve

You would find a temperature and pressure relieve valve in all hot water systems. This valve is provided to help the water heater stay safe from any potential damage that can occur due to added heat and water pressure. Therefore, it becomes imperative to keep a check on the temperature and the pressure relive valve regularly in order to avoid any accidents like the tank getting ruptured or flooding. This calls for an inspection of the valve every six months to ensure safety.

However, make sure that you follow the manual that comes along with the water heater installation in order to do it properly.

Hot Water System

  1. Dial a plumber if the water stinks

If the water in the water heater is stinking, you know that there’s something wrong with the system. This is the smell of light sulphuric acid that indicates that the magnesium/anode rod in your hot water tank has eroded and it needs a change.

Hot water that stinks is often followed with decreased water pressure or inconsistent flow of hot water. So, when the water from water heater starts smelling, even if it’s a mild stink, this is the time to call a plumber to get a water heater repair. They can help you with residential or commercial water heater repair services.

  1. Lower energy usage by insulating the tank

According to the US government recommendations, one of the best methods to lower the usage of electricity is to insulate the tank. This helps reduce energy usage and costs up to a whopping 45%. Insulating your water heater is a pretty easy job as all you need is an insulting jacket and two hours of your tie. While this will help reduce energy costs to a significant extent and save money, it will also help your tank from getting worn down by reducing the heat setting.

  1. Keep your tank system off while you are away

Save energy costs and increase the lifespan of your system by turning it off while you are away for several weeks or more. If you do not want the hot water system to heat water even in your absence and get worn off fast, taking this step is crucial.

  1. Get professional help and ensure proper maintenance

Regular maintenance of your water heater is equally important as any other appliances in your house. Seek help from a professional hot water system repairs Sydney and at least once a year where they will be able to point out any concerns before a water heater repair is needed. Regular professional maintenance will make sure that your hot water system runs efficiently throughout the year.

Keep in mind these maintenance tips and you’ll enjoy the services of your hot water system for many years to come.