4 Botanicals Your Skin Will Go Crazy For

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Plants are good for you. We’ve heard it since we were young, when our mothers tried to make us eat our spinach or broccoli, and it’s just as true today. But plants aren’t just good for our tummies; they also contain a number of wonderful properties that make them very good for our skin. An emerging trend in beauty products is to infuse them with botanicals – or plant products – in order to harness the awesome power of Mother Nature, and, as an added benefit, make them smell naturally breathtaking. So let’s dive into the four botanicals your skin (and your nose) will go gaga over.



First up on our list, the humble pomegranate – not just for garnishing a hearty Middle Eastern style salad (though it does taste divine), this fruit packs a skincare punch. Pomegranate promotes the growth of fibroblasts, connective tissue cells that aids in producing collagen – and collagen, as you may well know already, is fundamental to healthy, supple, youthful skin. And pomegranate’s power doesn’t stop there, as its punicic acid – an omega-5 fatty acid specific to the pomegranate – moisturizes skin and works as an anti-inflammatory. It can be a little difficult to find pomegranate products (you could always try and make your own, but it’s time consuming to say the least), but you can find KORRES makeup at b-glowing that has pomegranate in it, which it sources straight from the Greek islands.


Grapes are another awesome fruit, not just because they gave the world wine (the world thanks you, grapes!) but because they’re stuffed with antioxidants. Look for products that use natural grapes, avoiding, of course, those companies that merely scent their products with grape, often artificial. The antioxidants present in real grapes slow the growth of free radicals in your skin cells, which is a fancy way of saying that they have terrific anti-aging capabilities.


Pine-y and fragrant, rosemary is being used more now in cosmetics for reasons other than its pleasing smell. Similar to sage in its skin benefits, this evergreen’s essential oils will give your skin’s elasticity a boost, firming up your laugh lines. It also protects skin from sunlight, which is a leading cause of skin damage and the appearance of aging.


This last one’s more about the gorgeous, perfume-y aroma of the plant, though it does hold its own as a skincare remedy. The fruit of the rose plant, called rose hip, is also popular in skincare products, notably for its very high levels of vitamin C. Aside from vitamin C’s amazing antioxidant properties, it also evens out skin tone and promotes collagen synthesis, making rose and rose hips a solid anti-aging botanical. Plus, as mentioned, you’ll smell like a bed of fresh spring flowers, and who wouldn’t want that?

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There are thousands and thousands of other botanicals out there, each with their own unique properties and benefits. We’ve scratched the surface here, but starting with these botanicals, your skin will thank you. From antioxidants to soothing, nourishing essential oils, this is the kind of stuff you just can’t concoct in a laboratory.